February 27, 2018

Just a few days ago, I had learned something new in my life.

This is a good hack, especially for the home.

Consider this is illegal, but if I can save a life, why not?

My daughter accidentally locked the door from inside, thinking someone is in the room. The aircon and air diffuser are running in there because wifey is sick and needed to rest. Therefore, I decided to make the room cosy for her first.

I decided not to blame her for a long period of time as I am trying to keep myself cool - of course, she was reprimanded for a short while.

We cannot find the keys because I remembered that I accidentally place it in the cupboard inside the room.

Knowing that the door was locked, there are 2 options for me.
- call my locksmith friend
- or pick a lock myself.

Understand that this is not a difficult lock, I decided to do it myself so I can save some buck.

Since I watched such video before, this is the time to get into practice.

The initial stage:
Tried using a credit card or a thin card is useless because the door is shut tightly, therefore, there is no gap to push it in.

I decided to get 2 paper clips to do it, as I was taught from the video before.

Refrain using a paper clip that was coated with colour because the metal is too soft to handle it.

Luckily I have a metal small paper clip that is commonly used in school. The metal is tougher.

Follow the video segment closely and you be through.

The reason I took a long time because I did not use more strength to turn the key insert after all the teeth in the keyhole is set in. There should not be any bouncing sound when they are in place.

And there, I saved my money by calling a locksmith.

Do not attempt to use this method by entering a prohibited place, forcefully entry to commit a crime.

This is purely my own home.

The video for you:

How lock work:

February 17, 2018

Hello there!

It had been exactly 2 years since I last update this blog.

I have thought this blog may go into a stage of no return, but I am afraid not.

This area is going to be updated, as soon as I am free.

I will be sharing more and more stuff if I manage to see something interesting.

These 2 years have been very tough.

The two monsters are now in Primary school and they are coping very well.

As a parent, I must be careful on my writing because too much information may bring danger to the kids.

Ever since my last blog features my renovation, I happened to notice that there are quite a number of picture frame being build up for their lovely home nest.

If this idea came from my blog, I really appreciate that. Give credit lah, if there is.

Since this is 2018 and now it is the year of the dog, I would like to say a big Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone.

The most important is kinship and health.

Without these two, everything is nothing at all.

Let me share my health situation with you.

I am diagnosed with diabetic last year; type 2. I fully agreed with PM Lee sentences during his rally speech in 2017.

Please, for god sake, eat more healthy food and cut down as much sugar as possible.

I like sweet stuff but limited to certain range only. One of my favourite drink is 100 Plus!

Because I am a heavy drinker - one day 1 bottle, I suddenly feel lethargic and always sleepy.

I frequent to the toilet a lot of times uncontrollably and sudden loss of weight drastically, I decided to see a doc.

Turn out the sugar level exceeded way a lot. For the HBA1C (3-month average check), I hit the range of 20. It is supposed to low.

I took medicine immediately and I felt very uncomfortable.

There is strict diet and exercising as well.

I dropped from 105kg to 95kg in 2 weeks.

To my disbelief, I went to Raffles Hospital full body check-up. My sugar for that day is 4.5 only.

Since then, I stopped my medicine and control all my food intake. I do check my blood sugar daily.

Right now, as it is under control, I am not taking any medicine at all. Medicine deteriorate my body well being.

If you are diagnosed, remember to go on a strict diet. Make sure you check you blood daily before consulting another doctor for a checkup.

I only have a drink that is non-sugar so that I compensate for 1 or 2 chocolate.

As I am controlling well, everyone in the house followed as well.

We have regular salad, a lot of lesser sugar content drinks, and less white rice. We switched to brown rice to balmastic rice (I can get to enjoy my curry rice!)

Even though I have put on 5kg now, my sugar level is well controlled. The happiness of losing weight is when you get to wear clothes you cannot wear before.

Health is the top priority, without that, we have no wealth.

Keep a healthy lifestyle!

February 18, 2016

On the previous post, hubby had mentioned that he will share all the information that The Ongies had engaged the services for house renovation. That goes as well as for the items they had bought from.

The Ongies is only sharing the information they engaged before. So far, there is no big issue during the period of renovation till moving. Everything went very smooth. The cost may fluctuate, hence, it may not be the cheapest, so you have to do your own research as well.

Interior Designer house:

Charrisa from Hottoh Design

( A friendly and nice designer who will help you all the way during the renovation. She loves owner to be involved too )

The design of the kitchen.
Coordinate the entire project that includes kitchen cabinets, plastering, hacking, tiling, windows, top hung windows, sliding door for kitchen/ toilets, vinyl flooring, and plumber.
They have efficient contractors to work with them.

Curtain and blinds:

Desmond from Brix and Junior 

(He is a young chap who is very helpful. If you want nice curtain and blind for your home, he is the person you should look out for. He can help to provide electrical and painting services as well)

Supply of blinds for all rooms and living room. As well as coordinating with electrical and painting.

Staircase railing:


Installing of 1 side railing in black.

Doors and gate:

My Digital Lock

(Ron is a person who is very upfront. He will ensure that you know your stuff before getting it from him. Need not worry if there is problem with your lock, he is just a message away)

Installing for all 3 bedrooms doors, fire rated the main door and beautiful gate.

Kitchen and bathroom:

Hoe Kee

(Despite some negative reviews read from online. The Ongies are fortunate to solve the problem without going through so many trouble. The Ongies prefer to buy the stuff from Katong because one of the lady boss is station there.

Bought Fujioh stove and hood, Bosch oven, Inhouse toilet washing basin, Roz WC and Grohe taps.

Lighting for entire house:

Yako Lighting
399A, Jalan Tebrau Batu 3 1/2, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Bought the beautiful 3 colors LED lighting for the room.

VIP lighting
57,59, Jalan Meranti Merah, Melodies Garden, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Bought outdoor lighting for the balcony.

YES electrical supply
 22, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi, 80050 Johor Baru, Johor, Malaysia

Bought standing and ceiling fans, T5 lighting, LED down light and LED ceiling light.

Chelsea lighting
353 Jurong East Street 31, Singapore 600353

Bought track light for the balcony

Radson lighting
137 Jln Besar, Singapore 208855

Bought staircase well wall lighting feature and bar counter top lighting

Recolor Interior
515 Sims Avenue Singapore 387575

Bought dining tablAvenhting


Star Living
50 Sungei Kadut Avenue
Star Building II 
Singapore 729674 

Bought kids bedroom set that comes with bed, cupboard and study table, wardrobe and bed for parents; dining table and leather sofa, storage bench

TheFurniture.com.sg Pte Ltd
Chevalier House #06-01, 23 Genting Road S349481

Semi-custom made wardrobe for the master bedroom.

Household appliances:

Gain City Lot One

Bought LG front load washing machine, Samsung fridge and Toshiba system 5 aircon.

Moving company:

TMS Movers (Trusted Moving Services)

Looking for professional and trusted movers? They are the one for you. Friendly and efficient! Please don't mind their tattoo, they work seriously and careful.

February 4, 2016

Ah... neck long and everyone is wondering whether the renovation had been completed. There is no update from The Ongies!

Fret not....

Just because the elder is currently in Primary 1... which explain the slow syndrome happened.

However... yes.. proud to tell you that the whole renovation is completed! Everything will be moved during the end of the month.

After a long period of waiting time, lots of unexpected additional work to add in and unforeseen circumstances that made them push back the closing ceremony for few times. The Ongies is glad that to announce the renovation is completed over the weekend.

Was there any hiccup during the renovation?

You bet! Of course!

Was it the annoying type?

No matter how annoying the situation is, you still got to solve it amicably. If you are the hot-headed person, you will be slamming each and every contractor via social media and making everyone famous overnight.

Fortunately, every defect had been solved with an unexpected great result. As the owner of the house, they solve the problem immediately and not letting the problem keep on going. It doesn't do anyone good.

Enjoy the renovation journey

Alright, here's the update of the completed stuff and The Ongies hope you enjoy it and experience with them together.

On the next post, hubby will be sharing the before and after photo, as well as the list of where they got the items from.

May you have a nice renovation journey as well. =)

Starting the vinyl flooring

The completion

Making sure the plumber did not make a mistake. hence putting them according to room

Welding for the staircase grill

Hardworking plumber

Basin with cupboard

Before the basin is on it

The completion work of vinyl flooring with the paint

Blue for parents

Sweety pink and purple for daughters

After final coating on purple

Overall look of the vinyl floor look for the house

Cupboards arrival

Installation of heavy load top hung window for balcony

Wrapping up and make sure it will not be stained

Parents cupboard and bed

Sweet pink for the kids

Picture frame window

The light for the staircase landing. Electrician had the LED tube face down so that it is brighter

Beautiful curtain for MBR

Curtain for Kids

Overall look for the kitchen and balcony

All ready!

Nice spot light

Toilet for level 1 

Clean look of the cooking area

Level 2 common toilet

Level 2 MBR toilet

The feature tiles is very pretty

Partial custom made wardrobe

The light for common walk way. There are 3 way of shining. This is border

This is center with border

LED Strip for cooking area

Dining area light

Beautiful wooden blind

It is ready!

As most of the things are in, it is time to do the closing ceremony as instructed by the FS master.
And, they have to check the calender to do invitation of deity to new house.

What come next for headache?


There are so many things to look after it, and it is not easy at all!

Check out the next posts for moving house!

January 7, 2016

More photos to share!

As most of the dirty and noisy works had been completed, it is time to get low profile in case the neighbour still start screaming! (alright, let's be fair, you can't escape with loud noise because of renovation period, and let alone it is a maisonette!)

It was a busy day because there are a lot of people in the house doing their part - electricians, air con and plastering guys.

Electricians of 4 completed their task by 5 pm, while the plumber just came in at 3 pm to start their work.

Fortunately, the air con guys from Gain City had reinforcement by 4 pm because they cannot finish it on time as it is a system 5. Meaning to say, there are a lot of hacking and trunking to mount involved which take up a lot of times. It was 5.15pm when the compressor is up, and they required more people to help out from bottom. (It is not light at all)

Even though the day was chaotic, everyone managed to complete their work by 7 pm (light works)

On the other days, electrician came over and finished up some of the points after confirmation, while the tiler continued to finish up some of the small works.

Kitchen cabinets had also arrived at the same time. (Hurray)

Plaster guys did a fantastic job, especially the ceiling level.

Last look belfore the plaster wall is up.

Master bedroom toilet

Plastering wall

Air con unit

Fridge area

The big system 5 compressor

Let the drilling start!

There are a lot of drilling involved for the air con

Electrician at work

Cutting to allow air con trunking to pass through

MBR unit is up

Laying of trunking

Working hard to put trunking

Study room unit is up

Messy area

Pipes for the air con to flow out

Drill drill drill

When more contractor gather, they make friends.

Plumber working hard and very fast!

Electrician is about to complete their task

Bracket that came very late

Air con guys from other teams working hard together

After the busy day

After the busy day, the house is extremely quiet because contractors came in at different day and time.

Plumber managed to finish up the pipes in the house.

At the same day, AOSmith is here to install the water heater tank.

The weather roller blind contractor also came in to fix up at the highest level of the house. Bear in mind, you will not want to stand there and look down because there are no window or any grip at all.
Just a concrete slab that you can hold on to it.

Faint hearted personnel should not even see what they are doing on site!

Everyone did a fantastic job!

The next 2 day, vinyl flooring contractor had to cement screed the floor before laying because they have to make sure the floor is even and flat.

They also have move the obstructive object away before doing that. It is not easy for them because some of the items are not light at all.

On the next post, you will be shown on the 'almost' finished project.
(There are still some minor touch up to be completed as for now)

Stay tuned.

Completed job by the plumber

Awesome unit is up.

Kitchen sink

Common toilet pipes

Painter uncle putting coats after coats

AOSmith water heater

Blue for parents room!

Ready for kitchen cabinet!

Water heater tank is up!

Furniture arrived!

Fixing the sink

Guess what it will be?

Holes been cut for...

Covering the pipes

Talking and chit chatting. 

Finishing up!

Cut for this standing!

Ta dah! Kitchen is up!

The tiles is up!

Required wooden frame at the side

Guess what is going on

Cementing screed the floor

Measurement. You won't want to look down.

Look so high up!

Transferring of weather roller blind to the balcony


Done for the room before vinyl flooring

Daughter room

Swee bo?

Beautiful flooring


Clearing up the ends

Help to clear up some stuff

Before they start polishing off the cement hill on floor

last fixing

Putting some chemical for the cement to stand on it

Sticky sticky


It have to put for a day to let it dried up

Everywhere in the house.. Plaster wall covered

See you the next day!

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